Andrew Lewis

South Northants Conservatives


I was born and raised in the historic industrial town of Merthyr Tydfil which is in the south Wales valleys.

I was brought up by two fantastic foster parents who worked very hard to make sure that my brother, sister and myself had the best upbringing that they could give and although they were their natural children I was not treated any differently, this I believe has partly led me to become the person I am today.

The other part that has led me to become the person I am today is my wife Gemma.

We have been together since January 1998 and we have been through some of the toughest things that would have broken many relationships.

We have fought hard and all our past money worries, family worries and health worries that threatened us have all been defeated.

I believe that all these things have shown me that life is not easy but that if you work hard enough and you are serious enough then things will change for the better.

I have quite a large family as it consistes of both blood relatives and foster relatives.

I have six sisters - Judith, Paula, Nicola, Susan, Mandy and Helen and three brothers - Jason, David and Christopher.


I am a big sports fan and I an a fan of many sports, My favourite being Motorsport, I am a big follower of Indycar,F1,BTCC and LeMans as well as other.

My other favourites include the NFL where my favourite teams are #1 The New York Giants, #2 The New York Jets, #3 The Chicago Bears, #4 The Miami Dolphins and #4 The Green Bay Packers.

I am a fan of WWE and TNA wrestling.

I am not a soccer fan but as a child I did follow Arsenal and Cardiff City, I do however still like to see them do well.


I have a few hobbies but my biggest is and always has been 00 gauge model railways, I have a vast collection however setting up a layout is proving very difficult due to the lack of space.

My other hobby is R/C battleships, the price of these have come down immensely which is great as they can be far cheaper than model railways which have really gone up in price recently.


I lead a Straight Edge lifestyle which means that I do not drink, smoke, take drugs or believe in promiscuity.

This is a lifestyle I chose after seeing people I care about have their lives destroyed by drink and drugs.

Musical taste

I am very eclectic regarding music, My main musical taste is for heavy metal, alternative rock and Emo punk however I do quite like music from the 80's such as electric, new romantics and power ballads etc. My favourite group is and always has been Bon Jovi.


I have had several jobs in my adult life which I believe helps me in my quest to be a better local representative.

These are:

♦ Worked as a manual worker in a christmas cracker factory

♦ Trained as an HGV mechanic for Triumph Business Systems and completed three years apprenticeship

♦ Worked for South Northants Council as a refuse collector and then Labourer

♦ Worked as a Labourer for Sweeting Signs

♦ Worked inTesco as a general assistant

♦ Worked as an inspector for Tattersall Alloy Castings which was based in Towcester

♦ Currently work for Stable Fabrication as a van driver


I attended Pentrebach nursery for a couple of years before moving to Abercanaid Junior School and then subsequently Ynysowen Junior school.

At the age of 11 I attended Afon Taf High School and left at 16 with a few GCSE grades.

I then attended Merthyr Tydfil College as I was completing an apprenticeship which I completed in 1999.


I have been interested in politics for a number of years but have only been a member or South Northants Conservatives for a few years, I became a member because they have the right policies and determination to drive our country forward and thirteen years of Labour have seen our country take a turn for the worse.

I really hope I have a chance to stand for election and give back to the people of Towcester the kindness, friendship and support that I have recieved since the day I stepped foot in Towcester.

With me what you see is what you get, there is no hidden agenda, I am an open book ready for all to read.

If you would like to contact me privately then please use the following methods

♦ Address - 3 Northgate, Towcester. Northants. NN126HT

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