Andrew Lewis

South Northants Conservatives


Quotes I have known Andrew since we were children and worked together for a few months until the factory we both worked at ceased trading. Andrew has a brilliant mind and i believe he will serve the people of Towcester well. I really believe Andrew has what it takes to not only become a very good local politician but i and many other people (some actually within the Conservative party) believe he could one day lead the whole Conservative party. Andrew is a very hard working man who represents honesty and decency and i'm proud to call him my friend. Quotes
David Stevens
Long time friend and former collegue

Quotes I have known Andrew since we were children and i can honestly say this man is the future of politics. His desire to make Towcester better is second to none and he has deep conviction and ambition. His ideas are nothing more than breath taking brilliance and i feel the people of Towcester would be proud to have such a person representing them at a local and even national level. Since he has moved away from Abercanaid it is clear that Wales has lost a son and England has gained a hero. Andrew is not only fit to lead the Conservative party in the future but would make a great Prime Minister. Andrew is a true working class hero Quotes
Sian Davies
school friend

Quotes Ive know Andy for just over 12 years we have been together from the second we met and i truly believe it was love at first sight. He is the most amazing, caring, loving and funniest person i have ever met in my life. There have been things in our relationship that have made both of us stronger and more understanding. I have health issues and when some people may have just quit he's always there for me usually with something that has me in stitches, he really is the most wonderful man and im proud to call him my husband. He has always had an interest in politics but lately it has been more than ever and ive seen a change in him. Hes grown so much as a person. I know people have stopped talking to him due to this but these people do not deserve to have him in their life, they obviously dont see the interest and happiness that i see in him due to his passion. I really am very proud of who he is and what he stands for and for what he wants to do. Im blessed to be his wife. Quotes
Gemma Lewis

Quotes I know Andrew through the Conservative Party. He is a very Honourable man who will go very far in British Politics and will make a fantastic Member of Parliament and even Minister in a future Conservative Cabinet. He is very well respected in the party for his opinions and his values and never hold?s anything back for his beliefs on the way the country should be run. I look forward to seeing Andrew moving forward with his Politics Career and I look forward to working with him in the future! Quotes
Scott Newton
Conservative Party Council Candidate

Quotes I have known Andrew for around four years, in that time I have come to know Andrew as a caring and passionate person. A man always willing to fight for his beliefs and stand up for the beliefs of his friends and family. He gives it his all in any situation but never at the expense of his integrity, honesty and loyalty. Andrew always has time for others, gives his time freely to anybody or any cause which needs it and has given great advice to me personally on a number of occasions. I've discussed Andrew's aspirations to improve Towcester for residents with him and his ideas are nothing short of brilliant in the simplicity and undertaking of them. He is a man of common sense and his ideas show that - it is refreshing to see somebody entering the local political environment with such a passion and drive for making life better for others. His integrity is beyond reproach and Andrew is one of the rare people you meet in life who is completely selfless. Seldom have I met a better person. Quotes
Robert Stewart