Andrew Lewis

South Northants Conservatives

In the "My Vision" section of this website I mentioned some things that I would like to see and fight for in Towcester.
The ideas I have will bring jobs and prosperity to Towcester should they be implemented and as I will always insist these are not promises of things that will happen but promises of things I will do my best to help happen, I of course will always welcome new ideas from anyone or any party, Whether they be additions to my ideas or new ideas that could benefit our beautiful town.

Towcester Open air Market

 I believe that Towcester is in a unique position of being not only sandwiched between two major motorways but it is also a through route to the Silverstone motor racing circuit and the Towcester Horse racing course.

This position has the potential to earn a substantial amount of money for the area which will help toward growth that will inevitably lead to job creation.
However, I feel that the potential in Towcester is not being siezed upon and is being bypassed by out of town shopping centres.
I believe that what Towcester needs is an open air market that sell things from bed clothing to fresh meat and fish to children's toys etc.
Coming from a very deprived area of Britain (Merthyr Tydfil) I know that open air markets work well and that people do flock to them.
The area I have located for such a market is next to the police station on a large piece of land which is currently used to hold a few sheep, The size of the land will enable the use of a large market with spaces for many cars,The market will also increase the shopping ability available to local people, while complementing the existing businesses of the town.

With the Silverstone circuit expanding in size I believe that now is the time Towcester needs to capitalise on this and an open air market is what this town very badly needs.

Towcester Retail and Leisure Park

Towcester is missing out to places such as Milton Keynes and Northampton as they have something that Towcester does not, These are shops such as Pets at Home, Argos, Curry's etc as well as such things as multiplex cinema's, Bowling alleys and bingo halls, There is space available here so I believe that it should be used to attract passers by and Towcester residents.
The space I have found is the large space of land opposite the Volkswagen Garage all the way to Jacks Hill Cafe which could also be incorporated into the retail park which would still be able to serve trucks but will also have more visitors from the shoppers going to the retail and leisure park.

New Police Station
Towcester Police station is old and out of date and I believe that in order to bring costs down the current Police station should be closed and sold off and a new one built elsewhere in Towcester, New buildings are cheaper to operate and will benefit the tax payer, The site I have identified as suitable for a potential building is on the Old Greens Norton road and situated behind the rubbish tip, It will provide better access for emergencies on the A43.
I have used a picture of Bury Police station just for an idea of how a new modern Police station may look.

Towcester Business Park

Towcester is a great place to work and live however with all the new houses coming this will mean more people coming to the area to live, One thing I do not wish to see is more people here than jobs, This has happened in places like Merthyr Tydfil where you are very lucky to have a job.
What I believe Towcester will need is a business park which will draw engineering companies to the area as well as other national companies.
I believe I have found the ideal place for this which is just across from the Hulcote/Towcester junction on the A43, It is spacious and will be able to hold many units.
I believe that all the buildings should be built with solar panels to combat the growing worries over energy and to combat the ever increasing energy prices which not only hinder the everyday working man but business as well.


Being the town that Towcester is I believe that we need to offer more in terms of short term accommodation for racegoers of the Grand Prix as well as those just visiting here.
Towcester Police station would be an ideal place for a hotel and I am certain that a large company would take on the task of converting this beautiful building.

Hotel #2

As stated above Towcester is in need of more short term accommodation so I have been looking at areas that are unused.
I believe that I have found a good place to build a modern up to date hotel which will bring more jobs to the area.
The area I have identified as suitable and in a great position to bring in trade is at the Hulcote/Towcester junction, It's a great position to not only bring in trade but to show that not only is towcester a great old market town but is modern and up to date.

Nature Walk

Towcester is a great town for many reasons but one thing I would like to see is it a place where people can have a nice walk while enjoying nature, One such part of Towcester which is inaccessible to walkers is the area to the side of Northampton Road and the rear of Watling street, It's a great piece of land which I believe should be opened to the public, Access could be gained by two bridges at either end which would be made by one of two local fabrication companies therefore keeping them locally made.