Andrew Lewis

South Northants Conservatives

Being from a Labour supporting family and from a Labour supporting town I never ever thought I would see myself ever voting Conservative or becoming a member of the Conservative party for that matter.

I remember one day on coming home on the school bus in 1992 a group of fellow kids talking about how we had to get the Conservatives out as Labour was going to cut the age we could leave school to 15 and that they were going to make exams easier, of course that was pure bull but being 13 we believed anything, none of us could vote anyway as we were all under the age of 18.

Labour as we all knew lost that election and we were all gutted, however we knew that in the next election most of us would be able to vote and we all made a promise to get rid of the big bad Tories and bring in the great Labour party who were going to make our lives much much better.

Then in 1997 our dream came true and Labour won, we rejoiced as the nasty Tories had finally lost power and we knew that the country was safe for 4 years at least.

We saw great potential for Merthyr with Labour bringing in all the jobs that they promised and the tough stance on crime and the causes of crime.

That was not forth coming in the first two years however we all decided that Labour needed more time to sort things out by which time I had luckily moved out of the town.

I had noticed my personal wealth (which wasn't great) started to dwindle, I could no longer afford to run a car and running a house became extremely difficult but I lay the blame not with Labour but with the Tories.

Then it came to election time again so as I had done previously I put my X firmly in the Labour box and I was proud to have done so.

However, within the next two years it finally dawned on me that Labour were not what they said they were but were a massive risk to our country.

They raised taxes one after the other that didn't affect the rich but affected the poor who they claimed to protect so I decided there and then that I couldn't vote Labour ever again and that the Tories were not as bad as Labour made them out to be, in fact the Tories were the ones who made this country great, however I must admit something here and now, I voted for VERITAS at the 2005 election as i wasn't quite sure if i wanted Michael Howard as our prime minister, i only wish I had voted for him.

Then in 2005 after the election which Labour unfortunately won something happened and I saw David Cameron rise to the top of the ladder and become the leader of the Conservative party.

This posh guy caught my attention and I felt all warm when I heard him speak and realised this was the guy I wanted as our prime minister.

I didn't care and don't care that he is from a very well off family and I couldn't care less about his education, all I know is that this man David Cameron actually gets it.

To me David Cameron is the man (along with George Osborne) that will bring this country out of the mess Labour have created with their social engineering and their war on the working and middle classes which have seen the most needy in our country suffer.

Labour blame everything on the Tories because they just can't accept that they were the cause of the mess in the 1980's when the Conservatives had to put right what Labour messed up.

Since becoming a proud member of the Conservative party I have had to deal with now former friends and a few family members saying that becoming a Conservative was a betrayal of my working class roots, however I see it as a betrayal to keep voting for a party that treats the working class as a meal ticket who only care about the working class when it suits them i.e. at General Election times.

I have seen what Labour have done to my birth town and I simply can't allow this to happen here as I really don't want to see this very beautiful town fall into ruin with businesses shutting down and people moving out which is what's happening to my old birth town.

So what do I stand for?

This is a question that anyone that wants to stand for any public office must answer and I am very happy to oblige.

♦ I stand for honour, decency, integrity, and above all - Honesty.

There has been to much dishonesty recently regarding politicians and although I would never say that I am whiter than white as I have done some pretty stupid things in my time, My promise to you is that I will be very honest and open and I know that everyone I have met and work with will say that I am very trustworthy.

♦ I believe that if you say you are going to do something then you must do your utmost to do what you said you would do and not just say things in the hope of gaining an advantage.

♦ I believe in the family and I was very happy to see David Cameron backing marriage through the tax system, Marriage is a great institution and is the bedrock to a better society and I do not agree with the Liberal view that marriage is for the few and for the wealthy, it isn't expensive to get married in fact I think I spent about 200 overall when I married my wife.

♦ I am in favour of gay marriage

♦ I am in favour of gay men and women being allowed to adopt children.

♦ I hate racism of any kind and will fight to defeat it.

♦ I am in favour of fox hunting but would stop short of calling it a sport as I don't see it as that but what fox hunting is to me is a tradition and a form of pest control.

♦ I don't subscribe to the flawed climate change theory and I honestly believe that global warming is a natural phenomenon and is being used as a deceptive way to collect more money.

♦ I believe in recycling and having a clean environment.

♦ I don't believe that we should be in Europe however I do believe that there should be free trade between the U.K and Europe.

♦ I believe in the death penalty.

♦ I believe in corporal punishment in schools.

♦ I believe in national service although not necessarily military service.

♦ I believe in less interference from the state and more power to individuals i.e. Big society not big government.

♦ I believe in a smaller state and lower taxation.

So why do i a working class boy believe in the Conservatives?

Many people have said to me over the years - The Conservatives are only there for the rich, they are all toffs blah blah blah.

Well that's totally untrue, The Conservatives are a free thinking broad church of people from all backgrounds and if you look back through history you will find many instances where the Conservatives have been the only party that has fought hard for the working man.

Can anyone honestly say that all Labour and Lib Dem MP's and Councillors are working class? Of course they can't because that would be untrue, New Labour were inherently middle class although has since turned their backs on them just like they did with the working classes.