Andrew Lewis

South Northants Conservatives

Being from Merthyr Tydfil I can certainly say that it has nothing on Towcester.

Towcester is a great place to live however I would like to see more development and more jobs here.

My vision for Towcester is not only to see more jobs come but for people who pass through the town to not only be wowed but for them to want to live and work here.

It's a great place to live with great people and a great history and I would like to help improve our little town further.

What I would like to bring to Towcester has been set out another page of this website which can be found here

There are a few ideas not on that page yet as I haven't looked into them enough yet but just to give you an idea of what those ideas are they include the following:

A local currency, e.g the Towcester Pound.
(More on this when I have learned more about it)

An American football team (Possibly called the Towcester Stallions which indicates the towns horse racing roots)
American football is taking off massively and I want to see Towcester included in such a great game, It's also a way of bringing in money to our town from game hungry fans.

One last idea I have which isn't part of any plans but is just there to see what people think is this: The pedestrianisation of Towcester square, The advantages of this is that people could freely walk around as well as the air quality would be greatly improved , HGV vehicles would also be moved away from Towcester (except for deliveries), However, This would mean traffic being diverted through Richmond road/Queens Road and onto Brackley road and could take away traffic from any open air market which may have opened.
Even though Towcester would be bypassed I don't see this making a huge impact on the traffic going through Towcester town centre at least not from the Northampton end of the A5, So would pedestrianisation of Towcester be a good or bad thing?

Thank you all for reading.